I'm worried about introducing yet more complexity into S5. You know that this is
a big concern of mine.

What is the exact overhead for having entries in the child list for embedded
properties?   You need a contextual name, and you need the object.  The list
itself stores the position value.  The EmbeddedProperty object stored in the
Component could implement the "child list entry" interface and store its own
contextual name (which would be constant for each kind of embedded property), 
so the only overhead would be the pointer to the EmbeddedProperty object in 
the list.  This is greater than zero, so it wouldn't be "zero overhead", but 
it would let you treat properties and children in the nice and flexible way,
and it's only a pointer's worth of overhead.  Or it could be an index into
something else instead of a native pointer and we could cap it at 32 bits 
or whatever if you're really trying to shave bits off there.


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