Also spracht Peter Amstutz (Thu, 01 May 2008 22:31:03 -0400):
>  - It's going back to the drawing board (again) (not completely, but it
> does mean some work redesigning the VOS APIs, the XOD format, changing
> the code generator, etc)

For me this kills it.  How much do you estimate it would set you back?  
And is what's wrong with the current design serious enough to justify 
this time?  A good yardstick for that is: is the new design sufficiently 
better that, if you stop now to implement it, you'll still have gone as 
far by end of this year as you would if you don't?

*IF* you really think it's worth it, then I'm willing to discuss the 
details; but I think before we even get to that, it would be good to 
discuss whether a project of this magnitude is worth considering at all.

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