On Sat, May 03, 2008 at 09:00:30AM +0000, Lalo Martins wrote:
> For me this kills it.  How much do you estimate it would set you back?  
> And is what's wrong with the current design serious enough to justify 
> this time?  A good yardstick for that is: is the new design sufficiently 
> better that, if you stop now to implement it, you'll still have gone as 
> far by end of this year as you would if you don't?

I know, that's why I wanted to get input from everyone first.

The original reason I even got on this track was that in the process of 
designing serialization and marshaling for getters and setters, I 
realized the old tentative design created a number of problems I 
couldn't resolve, which caused development to hit a brick wall.  I 
actually have a long email I wrote last week outlining the problems in 
great detail, I didn't send it then but I will do so now.

> *IF* you really think it's worth it, then I'm willing to discuss the 
> details; but I think before we even get to that, it would be good to 
> discuss whether a project of this magnitude is worth considering at all.

Well, at the moment I'm in a bind one way or the other, since I can't 
proceed without resolving this impass.

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