This is a reminder for those interested in attending/demoing/speaking
at the Multiuser Virtual Environments BOF: MUVE MOOT.

So far we have 8 presenters:
Chris Thorne, PhD Candidate, The University of Western Australia,
Tony Parisi, Chief Platform Officer of Vivaty,
Michael Wilson, the CEO of,
Doug Twilleager from the Wonderland Group, Sun Microsystems,
Rafhael Cedeno, CTO & Co-Founder, The Multiverse Network, Inc.,
Associate Professor Don Brutzman, The Naval Postgraduate School,
Monterey, CA,
Peter Schickel, CEO of Bitmanagement,

possible speakers:
Professor Mick Brady, Professor Emeritus, Russell Sage College;
currently Live Teams Manager at the Serious Game Design Institute at
the Santa Barbara City College; Second Life photographer, blogger,
writer and digital artist. ...

Multiuser Virtual Environments BOF: MUVE MOOT
Location:  Los Angeles Convention Center
Room(s):   507
Date(s):    Wednesday 13 August
Reservation Time(s):  setup time at 12noon, teardown until 2:45pm
Meeting Time(s): 12:30-2:30pm
Room Setup:   theater style with seating for up to 100.

Meet and discuss Multiuser Virtual Environments (MUVEs) and
demonstrate your work. Topics of interest can be application related:
such as MUVEs in art, education, entertainment or business, or
technical, such as modelling or protocols for MUVEs. Whether your
interest is in standards or just playing, whether you are involved in
multiuser games, online virtual worlds, collaborative or business
applications, please come an share your thoughts and demo your work!

The main subject I would like to focus on is the influence of 3D
virtual environments on social networking. But it is free format and
you can speak on other subjects. Some topics of interest: virtual
commerce, gameplay, technologies (grid, protocols and 3D graphics),
privacy and protection of virtual property.

Anyone who wishes to present or plans to attend please email me
(dragonmagi (at ) so I can get some idea of numbers.

A possible agenda:

1.      Introductions
2.      Demos
3.      Discussion:
4.      The state of the art for MUVEs
5.      Impact of MUVE and social networking technologies on each other
6.      Virtual commerce
7.      Technologies (e.g. grid, protocols and 3D graphics)
8.      Standards, Platforms and portability
9.      Future directions/Current development plans
10.     Announcements

About the Organiser:
Chris Thorne is a PhD Candidate with over 25 years experience in 3D
graphics industry and academia. His PhD research is more about the
fundamentals of MUVEs and simulation (ways to improve quality,
fidelity, scalability, accuracy) than developing MUVES themselves,
although he does have a MUVE in development called The Virtual
Universe Project ( He is
interested in the influence of MUVEs and social networking technology
on each other.

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conference. For more information see:

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