I (Blackhesonja) put in a bug report about their (wxwidgets) 
wxbase-networking stuff. The wxbase networking-stuff did not 
work unless one line in their source-code was removed. After 
removing that one-line in their source code networking would 
work but I-felt that there were other bugs!

This was the offending line:
bool has_event_loop = wxTheApp->GetTraits() ? 
(wxTheApp->GetTraits()->GetSocketGUIFunctionsTable() ? 
true : false) : false;

Has anyone here tried asio? Apparently it is really good since 
the C++ boost organization has accepted it into their libs. You 
can also use asio without the boost lib and join the asio 
mailing list since theres' only 300 or less on it right now. But
you have to use the boost license or something like that.


Since boost has accepted a cross-platform networking lib that
makes me think why would they not accept a cross-platform
3d library or even a cross-platform 2d widget library? Why?

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