Am thinking of switching over to the new website I was working on earlier
(, but without the half-assed
background image.  Would be nice to create a nicer one but don't have time.

I'll also do an editing and clarity pass to try to improve whatever wording I
can, and fix up the layout and Javascript issues.

I do think I'm just going to dump everything to a Wiki, either the current 
Moin, or
migrate to MediaWiki or something else.  It was great to eat our own dogfood by 
using VOS for the website, and it triggered some useful features and fixies, 
but that S4 dogfood is pretty stale by now!   If we get further along in S5 and
reimplement hypervos or something hypervos-like using it we can move the site 
back into that (and having available what the wiki gives us will be a good
features goal).

I'll include the current wiki pages but not really link them to the main site
except selectively, to avoid linking in too much confusing info... maybe have an
"s4" category that collects all the potentially out of date info, and seperate
out "ideas" from current info.



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