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I have seen this project a while ago and still it hard to grasp :)
Sorry if I miss the point.

Do you know the language:

 It is very small and easily embeddable language. It is Object oriented but 
very simple. It has no classes, but only objects (same as JS). And instead of 
methods it has messages ( is actually "send message 'open(param)' 
to object File). All things there are objects - numbers, base library, key 
words - they are just ordinary objects.

 So why I mention it?

 Why not to build VOS on top of existing language implementation? :)))

 Instead of scripting bindings - you get whole language for scripting.
 Instead of recreating object environment - you just use existing one.
 Instead of hard way of creating all object in C++ you could use most of 
scripting language and implement base library objects in C/C++ and embed them 
as IO objects.
This will help newcomers a lot - just write scripts to make content.
 (could you draw something like this for VOS? ;)

 It will simplify thing alot.

 If you think that it is not possible in internet environment I will not agree. 
Simple example - if you try to reference non existing object that will not end 
you program. It will load that object from file instead and program just 
continues. Same way it could import remote object from external server or 
deliver a message to it (this part needs to be done :) ).


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