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> I'm a tad baffled by the usage of perl here.  Some part of a learning 
> exercise for perl, or could one not just come up with a line of bash 
> commands.. a combination of mv and sed with a pipe &/or redirect?

I think this is yet another case, among countless others, where the very
first response to querent needed to be some gentle form of 'What problem
are you actually trying to solve?'


$ man 1 mmv


       mmv - move/copy/append/link multiple files by wildcard patterns

       mmv [-m|x|r|c|o|a|l|s] [-h] [-d|p] [-g|t] [-v|n] [--] [from to]

       Mmv moves (or copies, appends, or links, as specified) each source file
       matching a from pattern to the target name specified by the to pattern.
       This  multiple  action is performed safely, i.e. without any unexpected
       deletion of files due to collisions of target names with existing file-
       names  or with other target names.  Furthermore, before doing anything,
       mmv attempts to detect any errors that would result from the entire set
       of actions specified and gives the user the choice of either proceeding
       by avoiding the offending parts or aborting.  mmv  does  support large
       files  (LFS)  but  it does *NOT* support sparse files (i.e. it explodes

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