On 03/29/2016 04:21 PM, Richard Harke wrote:
> I have been looking through the logs and set-up of my router.
> I found that a port is being forwarded to one of my wife's laptops.
> Since port triggering is disabled, how is this possible? Is there a normal
> function for this or does this mean the router has been comprised?
> The port is 59215, UDP. I searched but haven't found any clue as to
> its use. The laptop in question is a Dell and fortunately does not
> have any important data. (games mostly)
> Richard

What kind of router/firewall are you running?
Can you share a snippet that you think is suspicious?

Are any of the games internet connected? Most home routers will pass
packets out and then back in on higher ports if initiated from inside.
(Test do you get hits on this port when the Windows machine isn't on)

Does the laptops Windows firewall block the packets after they pass your

My initial idea, is make sure you're running up to date firmware on your
router. Some off the shelf router's are somewhat notorious for old and
outdated firmware.

But I'm not sure there's an actual problem here yet.


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