On 04/29/2016 09:48 AM, Brian E. Lavender wrote:
I talked to one our members and he said he didn't get a message
fromt he vox-tech list that he sent.

Common, many lists and mail servers suppress email from yourself. To not do so risks infinite loops from broken vacation messages and the like.

He has a gmail account.
I have a mail server I manage that is connected to Comcast business
and I had to implement dkim on outbound messages so that they would
make it to gmail. I wonder if we need to put dkim on the vox mailing

In my experience adding DKIM or not, doesn't change much. Gmail does add a nice little green ball with a "signed by: <mailserver>", but it doesn't effect spam scores and the like much or at all.

With all that said I think DKIM is useful, but mailing lists have to decide to do one of:
A) not touch any headers DKIM decides to sign, like for instance the
   subject line and signature.
B) resign all message from dkim.

I like the later option since (IMO) the mailing list should verify incoming email, apply anti-virus, and anti-spam. Then if it passes all that it should resign. That way all subscribers can be sure it's actually email from the list not a forgery that looks like it's from the list.

Sadly email is pretty much a lost cause for security, privacy, and authenticity. If you do a really good job of it, it's not really email anymore.
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