On 05/18/2016 08:58 PM, Dr. Larry Ozeran wrote:
I am Googled out (repeatedly finding the same sites) and the impressive
expertise on this list gives me high hopes that someone here has an
answer or a reference.

I have found many sites talking about how to upgrade from PHP 5.4 (which
appears to be the last CentOS 6 supported version of PHP) to later
versions using webtatic. [https://webtatic.com/packages/php55/] What I
have been unable to learn are the risks of doing so.

Does anyone know any downsides to using the webtatic PHP packages on
CentOS 6?

I've seen many machines with ugly configurations related to cpanel, custom php installs (sometimes more than one), and fragile very hard to reproduce apache configurations.

Although I guess I shouldn't complain, they get hacked and I get consulting.

The main problem being that OS packages are upgraded regularly, if you build it yourself you really should be tracking the patches/upgrades for anything you compile your self daily or at least weekly. In most environment that just isn't practical.

Normally I'd just recommend upgrading the OS when a major package is too old. Sadly upgrading to CentOS 7 doesn't get you newer than PHP 5.4.16. Pretty sad that CentOS 7 has a PHP from 2012. Ubuntu 14.04 LTS includes 5.5.

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS include PHP 7.0.4.

So supporting a custom PHP or doing a major OS switch to a Debian (or derivative) could be a difficult decision.

I do suggest a full backup before you do anything, it could be quite painful if things go awry. You didn't mention if it was a virtual server or physical. If virtual it could be a fairly quick experiment to try any of your options without breaking the original.

Sorry, no easy answer from me.

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