This, LUGOD's "vox-tech" technical discussion mailing list, has for a very long
time now had the following administrative options set:

 * Action to take for postings from non-members for which no explicit
   action is defined.
   (Details for generic_nonmember_action)

 * Should messages from non-members, which are automatically
   discarded, be forwarded to the list moderator?
   (Edit forward_auto_discards)
   + YES

This way, when someone who has a legitimate reason to post a message to
the list has their post discarded, since they attempted to send from
a non-subscribed address (e.g., sent from address A, when they're actually
subscribed to the list under address B), I would notice it, and forward it
along to the list for them manually.

I did not bother having posts held ("HOLD" option, vs "DISCARD"), since it
was a very rare occurrence.  These days, since the mailing list volume is
extremely low (but the spammers still try sending messages to the list
address), almost ALL discarded messages are junk, and it's kind of mind
numbing and tedious (and a waste of my time) to have to go through them,
_just in case_ someone posted from a bad address.

I've decided (with no objection from other officers) to completely ignore
such messages, by setting that second option to "NO".  It'll make for a much
quieter inbox for me.  Further, if someone tries to post to the list, and
it never shows up, I figure it's really up to them to figure out that they
did something wrong (when it didn't show up, if they get their own posts,
and/or when they never receive a response from other subscribers to the list).


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