That gets sticky because each web server will want its own port to listen for connections. What I would do is set up a different container or VM for each hostname. With Digital Ocean for example that can be as little as $5/month each (Go to for a $10 discount).

That said, I have installed both Apache with PHP5.6 and Nginx with PHP7 on the same server. One on port 80 and 443, the other on 81.


On 02/09/2017 10:00 AM, Richard S. Crawford wrote:
Hi all,

​I have a situation where I need to set up a webserver that runs a different version of PHP on each different subdomain. For example: <- runs PHP 5.3 <- runs PHP 7 <- runs PHP 5.6

All on the same server, where the moodle domain is the default.

What's the best way to approach this? I've looked at PHPBrew ( and PHPFarm (, but I'm not sure either one does what I need it to.

For extra fun, I'm building this server on an Amazon EC2 server running the most recent version of Amazon Linux AMI.​

Any ideas or assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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