I have a server which has the domain name of the form subdomain.domain.tld.
I'm running several sites on this domain, each with its own sub-sub-domain,




I also have an installation of phpMyAdmin on the site:


Each website is declared in a /var/www/vhosts directory, except for
phpMyAdmin, which lives in /usr/share/phpmyadmin.

Recently I installed the WordFence plugin into the WordPress installation
(I know, WordPress is bad, but I have no choice in the matter). Once I
activated it, I discovered that it was causing problems in phpMyAdmin.

My question is, how is that possible? What steps can I take to make sure it
doesn't happen again? I've had to disable the WordFence plugin in order for
phpMyAdmin to work properly, but I've found it a very useful plugin for
tracking attacks, failed logins, and so on in other sites I manage.

I have complete control over the server's setup, except for the
subdomain.domain.tld URL.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions/helps/tips/etc. that anyone might
come up with.

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