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> hi. i am looking for a way to have an installation of voyage to raspberry.
> i would like it to be as clean as possible without any software such as
> MPD.
> <http://list.voyage.hk/mailman/listinfo/voyage-linux>

https://github.com/glennmckechnie/rorpi-raspberrypi may be what you are
looking for?

It's not Voyage linux, but it borrows from Voyage linux as it uses the
voyage-sync init script to setup the read only root environment, I assume
that's what you're after if you're not wanting the MPD environment?
Anyway, after the addition of that script and a few other tweaks it
diverges and is focuses on adding the WeeWX weather software. It becomes a
terminal based pi - No Gui.  If you skip the weewx installation step you'll
have a basic, and minimal, read only Raspian install, obviously no MPD

Visit the above link and go to the Wiki linked from their for the full

And while I'm here Thanks to Voyage Linux for their work - credit where its

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