Hi Dalimil,

Did you follow live-cd instruction and install from it directly?


And I am just too lazy to update it to grub2.


On 9/15/2016 6:08 PM, Dalimil Gala wrote:


it seems that grub-legacy should be replaced with grub-pc (grub2) in subversion 
(SVN) debian-live build.

I have encountered hang in grub setup when installing Voyage 0.11 (jessie) 
built from SVN.

I was trying to install it on a PC (Supermicro X7SPA/D510) with Intel SSD 
SSDSC2BW120H6 (120 GB)

I have

- booted debian jessie live distro from CD-ROM ISO image mounted over samba 
(it's a feature of IPMI on X7SPA)

- using parted and mkfs.ext4 I have created /dev/sda1 over whole the disk (sda1 starting at sector 2048) and created ext4 fs.

- extracted tar archive with voyage to /tmp

- ran ./usr/local/sbin/voyage.update as usually

- installed "Generic PC" profile to /dev/sda (root /dev/sda1), using /mnt/cf as 
target directory

The file copy phase went OK but grub installation froze with 100% CPU forever.

The command to freeze was:

grub> setup (hd0) (hd0,0)

Nearly identical issue is described here:


To fix my voyage installation I have

- bind mounted /proc (/dev was bind mounted already)

- chrooted to /mnt/cf

- apt-get installed grub-pc (grub2) while refused to install grub to boot 
sector during package setup

- ran install-grub /dev/sda

- ran update-grub to be sure

- checked that /boot/grub/grub.cfg looks OK

Machine than rebooted to Voyage OK.

Dalimil Gala

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