Here’s what I do...

Use cscope [or some other tool] to search for the text string ETHERNET_TYPE_##. 
Symbols such as ETHERNET_TYPE_XXX are constructed using the C preprocessor 
string-concatenation operator ‘##’.

Once you find the template string, it will be obvious where to find the list of 

Thanks… Dave

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There is a fragment of code in vnet/vnet/ethernet/types.def from which you can 
derive the definitions. Because types.def is only a fragment of code, used in 
multiple ways, automated tools like Eclipse that normally do well with macros 
do not do well here.

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 Hi, there

 Thanks a lot for your time to read this.
 Where is the definitions of "ETHERNET_TYPE_ARP" "ETHERNET_TYPE_IP4".
 How can i add a new protocol type  such as pppoe.

Best wishes
By Ewan

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