Look at .../vpp-api-test/vat/api_format.c for a working example which uses this 
API. Then, write a vpp_api_test script - and try it -  to make sure that the 
API message sequence you're about to code results in the FIB contents you want.

Thanks... Dave

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Hi vpp-dev team,

I am trying to use vpp api's to implement static routes in Honeycomb project, 
but I'm lacking any detailed information for the ip_add_del_route api 
call(which I suppose should do the job),
other than description in vpe.api. I am basically trying to bind this api to 
these IETF models


Anybody who's author of this api, or knows how it works ?

Thanks for reply


Jan Srnicek
Engineer - Software

Cisco Systems, Inc.


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