We finally figured out why a cryptic verify failure was occurring...
and it was related to a patch needing to be rebased after the transition to
make verify for verify jobs.

      I pushed a patch to ci-management which was supposed to be *really*
clear about your need to rebase, so to make it so you were not staring at a
cryptic verify fail...

      To do this, I reused a mechanism we had used in the past, that ran
afoul of our more recent use of 'set -e' in the verify build script... so
sadly, if your patch needs rebase, the failure is going to be cryptic (but
fast) until: is merged.  As I can't find
any other ci-management committer just not to merge it, I wanted to warn
the list.

     Short version: rebase your vpp patches, and all should be well.

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