We are using VPP 1707 and the load balancer plugin.

We have only one public IP available for the load balancer VM and we use
this IP as VIP.

In the VPP 1609, we were able to assign the same VIP to the public
interface and everything worked fine.

However, in VPP 1707, the behaviour has changed. Since VIP is assigned to
the public interface, this interface captures the packets (with dest_ip =
VIP) and they are not forwarded to the application servers.

If we remove the VIP assignment from the public interface, then it is not
able to participate in ARP and thus the load balancer becomes unreachable.

I guess the issue can be solved by assigning another public IP (from the
same subnet as VIP) to the public interface. But we don't have this
additional public IP.

Is there a way to have the VIP assigned to the public interface but still
forward the packets (with dest_ip = VIP) to the application servers? Or
maybe some other configuration may help?

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