I am having troubles building the latest code off the master branch.

The commands I always use are:
> make bootstrap
> make build

I get this error:
cp: cannot stat '/home/marco/vpp/build-root/build-vpp_debug-native/dpdk/isa-
l_crypto-2.18.0/install/lib/libisal_crypto.a': No such file or directory

I noticed that once the compilation of DPDK completes the libraries - as
suggested by the build process itself - are placed at:

So it looks like somewhere the build system is using "lib64" and in another
place just "lib".

I wonder if something has changed and - in that case - what shall I do?

Also, I noticed that setting the vpp_uses_dpdk_cryptodev_sw = no in build-
date/platforms/vpp.mk has no effect (e.g. whether yes or no the build process
still builds the crypto stuff from DPDK). Is this a known behaviour?

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