Hi Satish,

It’s important I think to make the distinction here between nodes and plugins, 
Plugins are .so files, as Chris says, one cannot load these once VPP has 
‘booted’. Nodes, which can be specified/contained within plugins, can be added 
to the VLIB graph at any time. So, start VPP with all the plugins you will ever 
need, then use the nodes therein on demand.


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We’ve talked about it a few times. It’s not inconceivable to add the ability to 
load plugins at runtime but it would come with risks to stability and so quite 

Being able to unload them at runtime is however a complete non-starter without 
a herculean effort and even more serious risks; ergo, very unlikely.


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Thanks For the clarification Ray and the quick response :)

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I don't believe it is.

Ray K

On 14/02/2018 14:19, satish karunanithi wrote:
Thanks for the pointers. But i would like to know is it possible to load the 
plugin/nodes without restarting the VPP?

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