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Had anyone tried the newer version of vpp with iperf3?

When I tried the latest release of VPP, I am getting some weird result. The 
vpp_main is using 100% CPU(suspecting that it is going into a never-ending 
loop). I tried the router namespace example just to check the VPP performance 
with namespaces. Link: namespace with vpp ( 
https://wiki.fd.io/view/VPP/Configure_VPP_As_A_Router_Between_Namespaces )

OS: centos 7
CPU: intel's i5 4cores
Ram: 32GB

Tried the same with an older version of VPP in Ubuntu, this time the iperf3 
client gets timed out.

Whats wrong with VPP? Is this a known issue? JIRA for this issue is created?


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