We have encounter performance issue on batch adding 10000 GTPU 
tunnels and 10000 routes each taking one gtpu tunnel interface as nexthop via 

The effect is like executing following command:

                create gtpu tunnel src dst teid 1 
encap-vrf-id 0 decap-next ip4
create gtpu tunnel src dst teid 2 encap-vrf-id 0 decap-next 
                ip route add table 2 via gtpu_tunnel0
ip route add table 2 via gtpu_tunnel1

                After debugging, the time is mainly cost on init 
adj_nbr_tables[nh_proto][sw_if_index] for "ip route add" following function:

BV(clib_bihash_init) (adj_nbr_tables[nh_proto][sw_if_index],
                                                      "Adjacency Neighbour 

We have change the third parameter from ADJ_NBR_DEFAULT_HASH_NUM_BUCKETS 
(64*64) to 64, and change the fourth parameter from 
ADJ_NBR_DEFAULT_HASH_MEMORY_SIZE (32 <<20) to 32<<10. And the time cost has 
been reduced to about one ninth of original result.

The question is what adj_nbr_tables is used for? Why it need so many buckets 
and memory?

BR/Lollita Liu

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