Hi Team,

 Have a couple of questions on worker threads and handoff between threads.

  Each lcore has one worker thread associated with it, and assuming that
RSS is not used, interfaces are associated with lcores, and thus with
ID     Name           Type        LWP     Sched Policy (Priority)  lcore
0      vpp_main                      8536    other (0)                0
  0      0
1      vpp_wk_0       workers  8548    other (0)                1      1
2      vpp_wk_1       workers  8549    other (0)                2      0
3      vpp_wk_2       workers  8550    other (0)                3      1
4                             stats       8551    other (0)
0      0      0
DBGvpp# show interface rx-placement
Thread 1 (vpp_wk_0):
  node dpdk-input:
    GigabitEthernet0/1f/6 queue 0 (polling)

Each worker has the entire set of graph nodes, and runs the packet vector
through all the nodes.

So, if the number of lcores is more than the number of interfaces, how are
the others core utilized ?

I see that there is a device handoff function available, but do not see
documentation on when it is enabled, or how it can be used.


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