Hi all,

for those of you using in some fashion the acl-plugin code, wanted to
get your eyes on this in-the-works patch:


as well as get your opinion on the following:

(1) should I KEEP the default as it is now (which is to retain the
sessions which are already created,
even if the new policy disallows them),


(2) should I CHANGE the default to do the reclassification by default ?

My opinion so far:

(1) - KEEP the old default, have a startup switch and the CLI to
change (do we need the API on this ? I would think this as a one-time
admin thing rather than something that a control plane needs to do, so
the CLI is merely for the debugging and the main vehicle is the
startup config).

The good trait of this approach is that it perfectly allows to revisit
the decision later, after there
has been a chance to give more exposure to this functionality.

I wanted to get the feeling from the community on whether I am being
excessively cautious here.

And as well maybe get someone to try it out before it is fully done
and provide feedback. :-)



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