Dave Wallace and I were chatting, and he jogged my memory: our Jenkins
minions run "make test" as root.


TEST=test_ip6 fails 100% of the time when run as a normal user. It passes
when run as root.


Would it be possible to fix this class of problem?


Thanks. Dave


From: Dave Barach (dbarach) 
Sent: Monday, March 12, 2018 11:51 AM
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Subject: make TEST=test_ip6 test failing on multiple machines...




Master/latest as of commit 8d0f2f0031589513833ab726a7bad5d9e19ff898 seems to
fail "make TEST=test_ip6 test" 100% of the time, on a couple of different


Please investigate. 


I need to rework some code in src/vnet/ip/ip6_neighbor.c - DGMS - and
there's no point in starting until the ip6 test reliably passes to begin


Thanks... Dave


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