i've implemented 2 plugins plgA and plgB

1. plgA is running immediately after 'device-input' node
2. plgB should run after plgA
3. interface-output should run after plgB

i set this these for plgA and plgB
VNET_FEATURE_INIT (plgA, static) =
  .arc_name = "device-input",
  .node_name = "plgA",
  .runs_before = VNET_FEATURES ("plgB"),

VNET_FEATURE_INIT (plgB, static) =
  .arc_name = "plgA-input",
  .node_name = "plgB",
  .runs_before = VNET_FEATURES ("ethernet-input"),

and i set the next0 accodingly in the nodes for example in plgA
in plgB i set

are these settings OK ? is there any other setting required ?

Thank you in advance


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