Shocking and very sad...Venky's contributions, and his persona,  as you 
outlined are significant and will be remembered.

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Subject: [dpdk-govboard] Sad News from Intel - Venky Venkatesan

Several of you have already heard the very sad news of the passing of our dear 
friend and colleague Venky.  He was "Mr. DPDK" to many, a nod to his invention 
and creation of DPDK about ten years ago (before it was called DPDK.)  Of 
course his footprints across the industry and literally across the globe are 
everywhere. If you know what ATCA is, well, Venky had his hands and inventions 
deeply into the creation of that PICMG spec and many of the first revision 
products. He touched on and gave guidance to projects spanning Linux/netdev, 
DPDK, Intel QuickAssist Technology, BSD stacks, OVS, OPNFV,, 
all-things-virtualization (KVM, Xen, VMware, Hyper-V, etc.), ETSI, IETF, 
containers, and so many other arenas that my brain can't remember at this dark 

If you knew him and engaged him, especially on deep technical discussions, you 
knew you were talking to someone with the rare combination of skills that went 
incredibly deep both on the hardware, silicon side of platforms but also on the 
software, networking side of the platforms.  Rarely did I find a topic that 
Venky wasn't well versed on. And by "topic" I mean everything from football to 
photography to history to politics and many other subjects well beyond the 
technical realm our day jobs find us in. Conversations with Venky were a treat. 
Traveling with him was an adventure. Debating with him was a lesson. I will so 
miss all of him.

Below are some details on a memorial service this Sunday in Oregon and also a 
GoFundMe page. If you're in Oregon or close by please join the service. Venky 
left behind a wife, Priya, and two young girls, Adhiti and Namrata. While I'm 
sure they are overwhelmed with sadness and grief at the moment they can use our 
support. Please consider supporting the GoFundMe memorial fund for his family.

Lastly, my network extends through this distribution list.  But Venky's network 
was one hundred times broader. Please share this sad news through your own 


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Subject: Follow-up: A loss for our NPG organization

We have an update on the memorial service plans in celebration of Venky 
Venkatesan's life.

The service will be held on Sunday, April 8th at our Jones Farm Conference 
Center (JFCC) in Hillsboro, OR from 2-4PM, and is open to all who would like to 

Venky's family will plan to attend, as well as friends and others who have 
worked closely with him over the years. Please note that this is not an 
Intel-sponsored event and therefore any travel or expenses related to attending 
need to be managed personally.

Many of you have asked about donations, and we have helped setup a GoFundMe 
account for his family which will be used to fund scholarships for his children.

If you have any questions about the service, please contact Udayan Mukherjee.

Thank you all very much for your support during this difficult time.

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Subject: A loss for our NPG organization

To All,
Today is a very sad day for our NPG team and Intel.  Our dear friend and 
colleague, Venky Venkatesan, passed away early morning today after a tough 
battle with cancer.

Aside from his deep contributions to the organization, Venky provided technical 
mentorship to many employees and greatly impacted our technical leadership 

On a personal level, Venky was very dedicated to his family and also cared 
deeply about mentoring the next generation of engineers and scientists through 
efforts like coaching robotics teams and providing guidance to many interns and 
Intel employees. His passion, dedication and commitment to this organization, 
Intel, and the external community will be greatly missed.

We will let you know as soon as more information is available for Venky's 
memorial/celebration service.

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