VAT is an integral part of the Continuous Integration testing infrastructure so that is NOT appropriate to extend for your application.  However, it does offer a good set of example code on how to implement a VPP client using the binary API.

Depending on what your application does, you can either choose to integrate VPP binary api calls directly in it or create a separate app that uses test_client as the starting point.


On 4/6/18 2:03 AM, Gudimetla, Leela Sankar wrote:


I am trying to implement a client to VPP in my application that configures VPP by calling its APIs.

I see that VAT (VPP API TEST?) already has a client implemented as part of its testing infrastructure.

And I also see that there is a test_client which is a straight-forward and organic client to configure VPP.

I have the following questions on which one to be used in my application.

 1. Can I make changes to the existing VAT code to make it work like
    VPP client in my application?


 2. Should I implement a VPP client in my application similar to

Could you please let me know which approach would be best wrt functionality, future releases etc?


Leela sankar

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