I was looking into using VPP as the base framework for our network
processing tools, starting with a simple load distribution tool which
reads from a NIC and distributes flows to a set of consumers.
>From its description, VPP sounds like a great tool to achieve this,
meeting the high performance requirements we have and being easily
extensible for custom tasks. However, I find the documentation severly
lacking. I failed to find a starting point to experiment with VPP for
our use cases.

I see three options:
1) Write a set of plugins which all run in the original vpp application.
2) Write a standalone application which uses the message passin API to
call into the original vpp application.
3) Write a standalone application which uses the vpp library.

Personally I'd prefer 3) because it gives us the most flexibility while
leveraging already existing high-quality code. It is important for me
to reuse as much as possible without having to maintain a fork.
Especially the processing of the various network packet layers
(ethernet, ip, mpls, ...) is just tedious and it would be more than
welcome if a library could take over this work.

However, the problem I see with 3) is that the general architecture
like batch-processing and the node graph has to be rewritten.

So what would your advice be, how should I approach this task and where
would I find more information. Just point me at raw code if neccessary.

Kind regards


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