Unfortunately it's too late for such large features to be merged with VPP's 
stable branch, which is now focused on bug fixes.

Additionally, it's up to the maintainers of those plugins to propose merging 
their work with the VPP project.


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Would it be possible to get the router and netlink plugin, that are currently 
in the VPPSB project, merged into 18.04 ?
I would like to work with them building a set of routers, and having them in 
the stable branche would mean that the chance of some patches breaking this 
functionality would be a lot smaller.

Jan Hugo Prins

On 04/09/2018 08:43 PM, Chris Luke wrote:

Gentle reminder that 18.04 RC2 will be posted on Wednesday.

Note: After Wednesday's RC2 Milestone, only critical bug fixes will be merged 
into branch stable/1804.  Please review open anomalies for candidates to be 
fixed this week. Also, please remember to open a Jira ticket for all patches 
submitted to stable branches.


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