I am using stable/1801 source build and have encountered a bug due to the CGNAT 
plugin. When using deterministic CGN and using the nat { deterministic } option 
in the startup.conf, if you apply normal nat44 rules, the interfaces do not 
work as expected. And by initiating a ping command, vppctl crashes and exits 
and with it, removes all its applied previous configuration from the CLI.

Here is a sample setup (loop0 and loop1 have been configured):

vpp# nat44 add interface address loop0
vpp# set interface nat44 in loop1 out loop0
vpp# nat44 add address -

Now, when the ping command is run (IP address is of a tap interface initialized 
in vpp), vpp crashes and all CLI configuration resets:
vpp# ping

When the 'nat { deterministic }' statement is removed from the startup conf, 
the issue is resolved and the setup behaves as intended.
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