Hi Jan,

> Is someone actively maintaining the router plugin?

I'm not a big fan of the router plugin.
The starting point of the router plugin is "how can you take an unmodified 
routing protocol implementation and make it work with VPP".
That leads to all kinds of complexities as the two methods they tried shows.

If we change the premise does the solution space look better?

I think we could change the routing protocol implementation to talk directly 
with VPP's API for interfaces / interface events, it programs the VPP FIB 
Then it could send and receive packets somewhat similar to what we have for the 
punt Unix domain socket.
We might need a better punt path mechanism, where a Linux application can 
register for a particular IP protocol (like 89 for OSPF) on a particular 
interface. But that should be easy to do.

I did have a brief chat with David Lamparter of Quagga fame and he had thought 
about doing it in a similar way.

What is your particular use case? Is it just a routing protocol you need?

Best regards,


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