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Hello Ole,

That sounds to me like the router / rtnetlink plugins are a dead horse,
not worth any more of my time ;-)
I have setup a BGP session on IPv4 and the first results are not that
good. The session is setup, the routes are installed in the Linux
kernel, but in VPP  I don't see them at all.
I would expect to see the routes when I do "sh ip fib" but I only see a
small part of the routes directly connected to the OSPF neighbor's and
no BGP routes at all, but because the BGP routes are all behind OSPF
routes that are missing, I think this is to be expected.

It would be really great if frr would communicate directly with VPP and
install the routes and the interface configuration etc, but this sounds
like a development story that could take some time.

Jan Hugo Prins

On 04/11/2018 11:57 AM, Ole Troan wrote:
> Hi Jan Hugo, > >> The main thing I'm currently missing is OSPFv3. The 
> multicast
packets >> don't arrive in linux kernel. >> Attached is a pcap file
showing the dropped packets. >> OSPFv2 seems to be working fine. >> I
hope to test the BGP for IPv4 and IPv6 today. >> >> I have put my
findings in the vppsb-dev mailinglist. >> >> I would be really happy if
I could get this setup working. >> I currently have the possibility to
test any code changes you make :-) > > I am of course proposing a
completely different model than what's in the router plugin. > > A first
step would be to ensure we got all the functionality we need from the
VPP <--> Linux punt path. > > Best regards, > Ole > > >
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Kind regards

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