> On Apr 11, 2018, at 12:19 PM, Ole Troan <otr...@employees.org> wrote:
> VPP API used to program routes. learn interface events, addresses etc. Pure 
> user-land no involvement from kernel.

We’re also not “fans” of the router plugin.  (And we’ve done a lot of work on 

We have a system (today) that uses the VPP API to program routes, talking to 
FRR (Quagga), rather than going via the kernel netlink interface, mostly 
because that path is a) slow and b) icky (now you have state in three places).  
The additions to FRR are straight-forward.  Zebra has different implementations 
that can be used to communicate routes to the kernel:  (ioctl, socket, netlink, 
…). We added one for VPP and added a config option to enable it.  We have 
something similar for Strongswan.

As soon as we get this release out of our product (“TNSR”), we plan to open an 
investigation into using “tldk” (as present in VPP, not as the external 
project) as transport for FRR and Strongswan.

My “gut” says “top middle” is the right architecture.


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