Thank you Damjan,
The my-forwarder plugin performs  l3 lookup  (3D array - on some bytes of
the dest-IP (v6) and  decides about the output interface.
then sends to interface-output node - this works perfectly (with static
arp/ndp installed in the dest/source machines) when dest-ip and src-ip are
in the same subnet.
i need a solution for:
 - not in the same subnet
- ARP/NDP responder  - i will cancel the static ARP/NDP

please tell me if you need more details.

On Sun, Apr 15, 2018 at 10:05 PM, Damjan Marion <>

> Dear Sara,
> It is perfectly fine to send all ARP packets (identified by ethertype) to
> arp-inut  node from my-forwarder-plugin.
> I'm just afraid that if you go that route that this is just a start of
> problems....
> Can you describe your use case in more details, we may come up with better
> solution...
> --
> Damjan
> On 15 Apr 2018, at 15:58, Sara Gittlin <> wrote:
> Hi
> my VPP contains a customized forwarder plugin
> the graph is looking like :
> device-input--> my-forwarder-plugin --> ethernet-output (or error drop)
> this is good  as long as the traversed traffic is within the same subnet
> but if not - i need to integrate/reuse VPP   ARP/NDP nodes  and the node
> which rewrite the L2 header
> i do not want to pass any ip node .
> Appreciate your help  what nodes should be added, how the new graph should
> look like ?
> -Sara

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