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Some verify jobs are failing because of an issue with the pypi/pythonhosted 

In particular, the Centos containers happened to rebuild during the current 
outage of the remote repository and it wasn’t caught, meaning that the Centos 
based verify jobs don’t have a working Python environment.

Couple points of clarification…

a. IF your seeing W504 errors in test-checkstyle you need to rebase..this was 
unrelated errors that happened late last week around pycodestyle upgrade
b. The pip errors are inside the test python virtualenv when it tries to 
reinstall pip etc where we are currently going boom.

Once the repositories work again, Ed Kern will rebuild the broken container 
image and we’ll be back in business.

once the pypi backend is fix the centos images should go through right away.  
While I will rebuild the base container that wont be necessary
for things to start passing again.



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