发件人: 汤超
发送时间: 2018-04-17 10:59
收件人: csit-dev
主题: [csit-dev] I need some help.Please help me.
Hello, everyone, 

I have installed the framework of CSIT in accordance with the official network 
tutorial, but after the vagrant SSH dut1 in, sudo start VPP this command knocks 
invalid. How to solve it, is it necessary to set up some settings in dut1?

Tutorials web site:
         Vagrant will download base disk images and install the VPP debian 
packages to bring those machines to required state. VPP will NOT be started 
        Optionally, verify that VPP successfully starts on one of the dut VMs:
vagrant ssh dut1
sudo service vpp start
sudo vppctl sh int
sudo cat /var/log/upstart/vpp.log
sudo service vpp stop

vagrant@dut1:~$ sudo service vpp start
vpp: unrecognized service
vagrant@dut1:~$  sudo start vpp
start: Unknown job: vpp

The tutorial of official website is not clear. Is there any step missing?

Please help me.   Thank you


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