Hi Tom,

You can enable router-plugin by adding "enable tap-inject" in the startup
config file.

unix {
  log /var/log/vpp/vpp.log
  cli-listen /run/vpp/cli.sock
  gid vpp
  exec /vpp.init

in vpp.init you can write

"enable tap-inject"


2018-05-17 2:11 GMT-04:00 Glaza <gla...@wp.pl>:

> Hi
> At the beginning I would like to thank for router plugin.
> Actually my systemd service to start vpp looks like:
> ExecStart=/usr/bin/vpp -c /etc/vpp/startup.conf
> ExecStartPost=-/bin/sleep 5
> ExecStartPost=-/sbin/ip link set dev vpp0 up
> ExecStartPost=-/sbin/ip address add dev vpp0
> Is there any better way to start vpp with router plugin enabled? It would
> be nice to have it in configuration like in https://github.com/iqiyi/dpvs
> where rte_kni.ko is used to make similar functionality.
> Thanks,
> Tom

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