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Thank you for reply。
In our  scenario,we use the Intel ‘s DDP feature to hash different GTP packets 
into different threads。And We want the GTP packets from the same UE to be 
hashed on the same thread,DDP can‘t implement this function。
So we consider using the Handoff mechanism 。But We still have some doubts.
(1) We know VPP ensure efficiency by deal one group packets by the same 
thread's nodes,if we use handoff ,how much does this mechanism affect 
efficiency?Or is there any other mechanism to meet our requirements? (2)If we 
use Handoff,Which method is better:
a)  Dealing GTP packet RSS without using devices, use software RSS,use one 
Thread receive All packets,then handoff to other threads
b)  Dealing GTP packet RSS with using devices, when the thread receive packet, 
determine if the current thread need to deal this packet,if not,handoff to 
other thread。
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