Hi list,

recently in our application, we constantly triggered such abrt issue which
make our connectivity interrupt for a while:

Mar 19 16:11:26 ubuntu vnet[2565933]: received signal SIGABRT, PC
Mar 19 16:11:26 ubuntu vnet[2565933]:
/home/fortitude/glx/vpp/src/vnet/tcp/tcp_input.c:3004 (tcp46_input_inline)
assertion `tcp_lookup_is_valid (tc0, b[0], tcp_buffer_hdr (b[0]))' fails

Our scenario is quite simple, we will make 4 parallel tcp connection (use 4
fixed source ports) to a remote vpp stack (fixed ip and port), and will do
some keepalive in our application layer, since we only use the vpp tcp
stack to make the middle box happy with the connection, we do not use the
data transport of tcp statck actually.

However, since the network condition is complex, we have to  always need to
abrt the connection and reconnect.

I keep to merge upstream session and tcp fix however the issue still not
fixed, what I found now it may be in some case
tcp_half_open_connection_cleanup may not deleted the half open session from
the lookup table (bihash) and the session index is realloced by other

Hope the list can provide some hint about how to overcome this issue,
thanks a lot.
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