On Sunday 13 May 2007 23:26, Herbert Poetzl wrote:
> On Sat, May 12, 2007 at 10:51:49AM -0400, Chuck wrote:
> > i am installing a workstation which i have no plans to use as a
> > vserver host however there may be that possibility in the mid to far
> > future...
> if you add the Linux-VServer patches, you will find
> an application for the features sooner than you think
> (e.g. limit a service to certain ips, use the CoW
> link breaking to save diskspace ...)

heh never thought of using the features elsewhere :) thanks!

btw, a few hours after i sent the original message, i was forced to retire the 
remote kde desktop server i have set up for our other remote admins (psu 
failed 'hot' and several motherboard chips literally exploded) , so now i do 
have a need for a guest :)

> > are the kernels produced with the vserver patches 'improved' over std
> > kernels and generally work better? or is it by its nature causing
> > slight overhead compared to without?
> if there is noticeable overhead, it is considered a
> bug and should be reported :)
> > i guess it boils down to use vserver patches on a normal workstation
> > kernel or not? i have this undefined suspicion it is better with but
> > would like a more factual answer :)
> well, it should not hurt, of course, if you don't
> need it, and/or already patched your kernel with
> several other patches, I would not compile it in
> just for the fun of doing it ...
got lazy and installed the gentoo vserver-sources rather than work on a 
vanilla kernel.

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