Dear all,

Today I write to Herbert because I lost my mail account password, but
now I retrieve I have a question to ask you. I have Debian Etch
with a vserver, having a base host and two vservers. One of these
vservers has a LDAP server with localhost mapped to a private
non-routable IP and it runs OK, and the other vserver has a mail server
using Postfix/Courier/Amavisd-new/Spamassassin/Clamav, where I map
localhost to (another private non-routable IP).

But I can't put the mail server to work because the Postfix can't
establish a connection to the amavisd. Because of the variety of
components I suspect that amavisd-new, spamassassin or clamav are
hardcoded to, so I can't use a private non-routable IP as

My question is: do you recommend to me to map localhost to as
usual in my mail server (vserver) because some mail packages could be
hardcoded ??? Or is it OK to continue using localhost mapped to defined as the localhost interface of my vserver ????

Thanking in advance,


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