Noam Bahat, an Israeli Refusenik to speak at UVM Tonight
7:00pm, Thursday, November 4
Room 315, Living and Learning Complex
(near corner of Main Street and University Heights, one block west of Spear Street)
Noam Bahat, 21, an Israeli refusenik who refuses to be conscripted into the IDF as long as it is an army of occupation, will speak at UVM at 7pm on Thursday, November 4 at the Living and Learning Complex Room 315.

Noam is one of five refuseniks who were released from Israeli prison after nearly two years on September 15. They were imprisoned for their refusal to enter the IDF and for their refusal to support the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories.
"…As a man of conscience I could not take part in the army of
oppression." Noam Bahat (from his testimony)
Noam Bahat, was born in Nirit, a little settlement near the green line (the 1948 border line between Palestine and Israel).  More information about the movement these young refusers are part of can be found at
For example, over 300 have signed on to their letter refusing to serve in occupied territories,

Also speaking will be Mostafa Omar, a contributor to The Struggle for Palestine (Haymarket Books). He has been an activist in the Palestine solidarity movement and tours the U.S. speaking on issues relating to Islam and the Middle East. He is a proponent of a single, secular and democratic Palestine with equality between Jews and Arabs. Mostafa is a member of the International Socialist Organization.

Sponsored by Vermonters for a Just Peace in Palestine/Israel, International Socialist Organization, and Students against the War.

For more info, contact S'ra DeSantis 324-5962 (in Burlington)
or Doug Spielman 999-9569 (on campus).
Events are free and open to the public.

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