Hi Gabriel,

Any DOS implications are due to some loop in the client() code or the
calling init scaffolding.  The #FridgeArt isn't that robust, but let's
assume it's in the client() routine instead.  The log messages - really,
anything at all - would be a huge help.

I'm looking at the patch, and I'm not sure it's not killing the persist

Have you seen this happen on a stock+systemd vtun install?  I'm worried
that the behaviour's restricted to some code hack that's not present on
the upstream.

Toss me a link to the project on fedora?  I'd like to know more before
304 goes out.

 - bish

> Hi,
> I maintain the vtun package in Fedora, and I just had a bug
> opened against it (with potential security implications), pointing
> at the following Debian bug report:
> https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=818489
> Allegedly, under certain conditions, sending a SIGHUP to a client-mode
> vtund process can peg the CPU, and generate large amounts of log data
> (which is where the security angle comes from, I think).
> The Debian link above contains a patch as well.
> Is this something that could/should be applied upstream
> (i.e., in sourceforge CVS) ?
> Thanks much,
> --Gabriel

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