Dear Mr. Shafie

Do you have a rough idea when the next release will be ready and if it will 
include a solution for correctly hyperlinked?


Am 04.08.16, 19:17 schrieb "Hussein Shafie" <>:

    On 08/04/2016 06:16 PM, Thomas Dumm wrote:
    > I upgraded tot he latest version of w2x and the sematic epub2 and the 
option to keep empty tags work perfectly.
    > Is there a chance to get a patched version that makes sure that all files 
in the word/media/ folder are correctly hyperlinked (.emf, .tif, .png, 
    If you are talking about this discussion:
    then the answer is: sorry, no chance to get a patched version of w2x 1.2.

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