Hi Emil,

I went through the new patches and they look good AFAICT.  Thanks for doing 

While going through "wgl: fully support ARB_create_context and 
EXT_create_context_es_profile." again  I noticed a couple of issues with the 
usage of WGL_EXT_create_context_es2_profile that I hadn't noticed before 
because I wasn't familiar with the extension:

- WGL_EXT_create_context_es_profile ignored the opengl version, but 
WGL_EXT_create_context_es2_profile will create any version requested in.

- I believe one must set 
contexts or one will always get a ES 1.0 context.

- It's OK to assume that WGL_EXT_create_context_es2_profile then 
WGL_EXT_create_context_es_profile is supported, but not the other way around.

  This is because WGL_EXT_create_context_es_profile ignored the version

See "Revision History" at the bottom of 
for details.

Anyway, this is nor urgent -- it can be fixed in a follow on patch.


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Subject: [waffle] [PULL] WGL support

Hello Chad,

As mentioned earlier here is a rebase of all the wgl work so far on top
of origin/master.

NOTE: The origin/master branch lacks the first patch in the series, yet
it is present in origin/next. I would suspect that other patches may be
in such state but I haven't checked.

What's new:

- Patch 06/53: wgl: implement display management

Drop "we use the root GL context as a fallback context in
waffle_get_proc_address..." from the commit message.

- Patch 08/53: wgl: wire-up waffle_get_proc_address()

No more ABI/API break. Infortunatelly this does not give us any
additional cleanups, as we still need to have a GL context in order to
choose the config... lovely WGL.

- Patch 13/53: wgl: provide static GLES* symbols (dlsym) via opengl32.dll

The name says it all, this handles the second ABI/API break that I had
initially and is now withdrawn.

- Patch 46/53: cmake: Set default location for all artifacts to top-level 

Version 2 of your patch, updated to work under Windows. There is no
rpath in there so one needs to put the dll (considered RUNTIME object)
alongside the executables that use it.

- Patch 47/53: cmake: ensure waffle-static name differs from the shared one

Or there will be name collision with the shared waffle objects and
all hell will break loose.

- Patch 48/53: wflinfo: call get_proc_address after make_current

- Patches 49-53/53 are some spelling/grammar fixes.

And a pull request below, considering there aren't any issues with
the series


P.S. Handling multiple locations where the waffle version number is
stored is going to be a pain in the a** when releasing waffle. Any
ideas how to handle it ?

The following changes since commit

  Merge branch 'maint-1.4' (2014-11-08 11:50:52 -0800)

are available in the git repository at:


for you to fetch changes up to 8afea079f19ce86e209b5e61158d8890ad187b03:

  man: spelling fix (2014-11-09 22:44:09 +0000)

Emil Velikov (53):
      cmake: include the CPACK module
      pkg/archlinux: add mingw-w64-waffle package
      README: Add notes when building Waffle for Windows.
      wgl: add skeleton implementation
      wgl: fill up the dl_* hooks
      wgl: implement display management
      wgl: wire-up wgl_window and wgl_config hooks
      wgl: wire-up waffle_get_proc_address()
      wgl: add context hooks
      wgl: check for various WGL extensions and fetch their funcptrs
      wgl: use wglChoosePixelFormatARB when available
      wgl: fully support ARB_create_context and EXT_create_context_es_profile.
      wgl: provide static GLES* symbols (dlsym) via opengl32.dll
      cmake: set most compiler flags/defines in a single location
      cmake: drop the waffle library prefix on Windows
      wgl: restrict exported symbols via module-definition file
      wgl: avoid using container_of and DEFINE_CONTAINER_CAST_FUNC macros
      tests: do not force gcc compiler flags onto msvc
      tests/gl_basic_test: don't include posix headers when building for win32
      core: wcore_error_unittest include c99_compat.h
      examples/gl_basic: use native sleep functions
      core: use compiler specific (noreturn) attribute
      examples/gl_basic: use compiler specific (noreturn) attribute
      utils/wflinfo: use compiler specific (noreturn) attribute
      examples/simple-x11-egl: properly annotate the function pointers
      examples/gl_basic: properly annotate the function pointers
      utils/wflinfo: properly annotate the function pointers
      tests/gl_basic_test: properly annotate the function pointers
      utils/wflinfo: use define to provide buffer length
      utils/wflinfo: wrap if (glHamSandwich() != GL_NO_ERROR ||...) in curly 
      examples/gl_basic: move variable declaration before code
      waffle_test: introduce TEST_RUN2 macro
      test/gl_basic_test: add all_gl_rgb(a) tests
      test/gl_basic_test: use all_gl_(10-21) tests for all platforms
      test/gl_basic_test: introduce linux_gl(30_core - 43_compat) tests
      test/gl_basic_test: introduce linux_gles* tests
      test/gl_basic_test: deduplicate gl_(debug,fwdcompat) tests
      test/gl_basic_test: add PLATFORM_WGL support/tests
      test/gl_basic_test: implement windows version for run_testsuite()
      cmake: misc fixes and cleanups
      wgl: strings.h does not exist in MSVC
      core: silence MSVC compiler warning
      wgl: use correct dtor in wgl_window_priv_create error path
      core/tests: correctly store the threads exit codes
      core/tests: silence the final MSVC warning
      cmake: Set default location for all artifacts to top-level directories
      cmake: ensure waffle-static name differs from the shared one
      wflinfo: call get_proc_address after make_current
      README: spelling fixes
      wgl: s/glX/wgl/ in error message
      README: fix spelling typo
      man: spelling/grammar fix
      man: spelling fix

 .gitignore                                         |    2 +-
 CMakeLists.txt                                     |   29 +
 README.txt                                         |  177 ++-
 cmake/Modules/WaffleDefineCompilerFlags.cmake      |  107 +-
 cmake/Modules/WaffleDefineOS.cmake                 |    2 +
 .../Modules/WafflePrintConfigurationSummary.cmake  |    6 +
 cmake/Modules/WaffleValidateOptions.cmake          |   13 +
 examples/gl_basic.c                                |   49 +-
 examples/simple-x11-egl.c                          |   12 +-
 include/waffle/waffle.h                            |    1 +
 include/waffle_test/waffle_test.h                  |   12 +
 man/waffle_display.3.xml                           |    2 +-
 man/waffle_dl.3.xml                                |    2 +-
 man/waffle_enum.3.xml                              |    1 +
 man/waffle_get_proc_address.3.xml                  |   17 +-
 man/waffle_init.3.xml                              |    8 +
 man/waffle_is_extension_in_string.3.xml            |    2 +-
 man/wflinfo.1.xml                                  |    1 +
 pkg/archlinux/mingw-w64-waffle/PKGBUILD            |   86 ++
 src/utils/CMakeLists.txt                           |    4 -
 src/utils/wflinfo.c                                |   57 +-
 src/waffle/CMakeLists.txt                          |   46 +-
 src/waffle/api/api_priv.h                          |    3 +-
 src/waffle/api/waffle_init.c                       |   11 +
 src/waffle/core/wcore_attrib_list.c                |    2 +-
 src/waffle/core/wcore_error.c                      |    2 -
 src/waffle/core/wcore_error_unittest.c             |   12 +-
 src/waffle/core/wcore_tinfo.c                      |   10 +-
 src/waffle/core/wcore_util.c                       |    1 +
 src/waffle/waffle.def.in                           |   33 +
 src/waffle/wgl/wgl_config.c                        |  300 +++++
 src/waffle/wgl/wgl_config.h                        |   61 +
 src/waffle/wgl/wgl_context.c                       |  212 +++
 src/waffle/wgl/wgl_context.h                       |   53 +
 src/waffle/wgl/wgl_display.c                       |  275 ++++
 src/waffle/wgl/wgl_display.h                       |   81 ++
 src/waffle/wgl/wgl_dl.c                            |  143 ++
 src/waffle/wgl/wgl_dl.h                            |   43 +
 src/waffle/wgl/wgl_error.c                         |   48 +
 src/waffle/wgl/wgl_error.h                         |   32 +
 src/waffle/wgl/wgl_platform.c                      |  173 +++
 src/waffle/wgl/wgl_platform.h                      |   53 +
 src/waffle/wgl/wgl_window.c                        |  202 +++
 src/waffle/wgl/wgl_window.h                        |   77 ++
 src/waffle_test/wt_main.c                          |    4 +
 src/waffle_test/wt_runner.c                        |    4 -
 tests/functional/CMakeLists.txt                    |   25 +-
 tests/functional/gl_basic_test.c                   | 1393 +++++++-------------
 third_party/threads/CMakeLists.txt                 |    2 -
 49 files changed, 2845 insertions(+), 1046 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 pkg/archlinux/mingw-w64-waffle/PKGBUILD
 create mode 100644 src/waffle/waffle.def.in
 create mode 100644 src/waffle/wgl/wgl_config.c
 create mode 100644 src/waffle/wgl/wgl_config.h
 create mode 100644 src/waffle/wgl/wgl_context.c
 create mode 100644 src/waffle/wgl/wgl_context.h
 create mode 100644 src/waffle/wgl/wgl_display.c
 create mode 100644 src/waffle/wgl/wgl_display.h
 create mode 100644 src/waffle/wgl/wgl_dl.c
 create mode 100644 src/waffle/wgl/wgl_dl.h
 create mode 100644 src/waffle/wgl/wgl_error.c
 create mode 100644 src/waffle/wgl/wgl_error.h
 create mode 100644 src/waffle/wgl/wgl_platform.c
 create mode 100644 src/waffle/wgl/wgl_platform.h
 create mode 100644 src/waffle/wgl/wgl_window.c
 create mode 100644 src/waffle/wgl/wgl_window.h

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