Hi all,

This is a re-spin of an ancient RFC [1] covering two (core) topics
 - Should waffle do fine grained checking of the context version prior 
to feeding it to the driver ? Leaning towards no.
 - Should we rely upon the library (libGL/libGLESv1/libGLESv2) presence 
to determine if context of respective API is supported ? Same sentiment.

And last but not least I've thrown out a bunch of the 
wcore_error_internal() in favour of assert. Core already handles all of
those 'default' cases, thus we can simplify things ;-)

The series can be found in branch for-upstream/context-cleanups-et-al

Comments and suggestion are appreciated.

[1] https://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/waffle/2015-November/001269.html

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