Perhaps I rewrote the branch after posting that link, it appears not
to be on the json5 branch anymore.  Though the link should still take
you to original (now orphaned) commit.
In any case, you and Emil answered my question.  I'll assume I did the
glxinfo correctly for now, and you'll see it when I send v2 of the
series.  I'll send v2 after rebasing and incorporating the latest

On Tue, Jun 14, 2016 at 12:13 PM, Chad Versace <> wrote:
> On Thu 21 Apr 2016, Frank Henigman wrote:
>> Thanks Emil and Chad for reviewing my json series.  All suggestions
>> implemented in v2, except where I replied inline.  I'll hold off
>> sending in case there's more back-and-forth over the first set of
>> comments.  Would also be nice if Chad merged his get-current branch
>> into master, as I use it in v2.
>> Not sure if I did the right thing with glx info.  Seems like all three
>> sections (server, client, common) show about the same list of
>> extensions.  That can wait until I send v2, or if anyone wants to look
>> now:
> Hi Frank,
> I've returned from sabbatical, and am now trying to catch up with
> everything.
> I can't find the above sha1 in your repo. Should I be examining your
> json5 branch?
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